Tuesday, 22 March 2011

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Call Sheet

Shot List

Scene 1: Location - Kitchen, Night

- WS - Group of friends chatting and drinking.
- MS - Holly and Rachael having a conversation, Fearne is in the foreground of the frame she is quiet.
- CU - Fearne listening to conversation she is quiet and subdued.
- MS - Holly and Rachael continue their conversation.
- MS - Group chatting and drinking.
- MS - Harry and Joe chatting, Jack enters the scene they have a conversation.
- MS - Fearne looking tense and uneasy.
- MS - Harry, Joe and Jack at a table full of shots, Jack keeps glancing over at Fearne.
- MS - Fearne leaves the room.

Scene 2: Location - Bedroom, Night

- MS - Fearne sitting on bed, breathing heavily.

Scene 3: Location - Kitchen, Night

- MS - Holly, Harry and Joe playing drinking game. Jack seems distracted.

Scene 4: Location - Bedroom, Night

- MS - Fearne dabbing her make-up in front of bedroom mirror.

Scene 5: Location - Hallway, Night

- CU - Jack's hand knocking on the door.
- MS - Jack listening at the door and entering.

Scene 6: - Location - Bedroom, Night

- MS - Jack enters the room standing just inside the door.
- MS - Fearne is rifling through her bag.
- MS - Jack beginning a lame explanation of what happened.
- MS - Fearne ignores Jack.
- MS - Jack continues his explanation, Fearne runs at him.
- CU - Fearne holding Jack against the wall.

Prop List & Costume Details

- Fearne should wear more toned down colours than those around her to match her subdued, quiet mood.
- Holly and Rachael should be more dressed up than Fearne, to suit their louder personalities and their more upbeat moods.
- Jack should be dressed fairly casually, in paired down colours.
- The rest of the party should be dressed fairly casually in a mixture of bright and toned down colours. The boys should be more casual than the girls.

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